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To understand addiction treatment therapy, one must have a grasp of what addiction actually is. Addiction is not a sign of weakness. Symptoms of alcohol and drug addiction merely indicate that a person has become physically and emotionally dependent on some addictive substance or another. Fortunately, many treatment programs in Macomb are available for those who want help.

What Is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

There are a number of addiction therapies that have proven to be effective in treating the emotional and psychological causes of addiction. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational incentives, and peer group meetings are generally adept at helping persons overcome addiction and live healthy lives.

Detox removes illicit drugs and alcohol from bodily systems but does little or nothing to treat the underlying causes of addiction. This is where addiction treatment programs in Macomb are most needed. Unless an addict understands what caused them to become addicted in the first place, no amount of detoxification will end their craving for drugs and/or alcohol.

There are numerous evidence-based approaches that may be employed to treat drug addiction. Therapy options include cognitive behavioral therapy, special withdrawal medications, group meetings, and talk therapy. Duration of inpatient drug addiction treatment programs varies depending on the individual needs of the patient as well as the kinds of drugs they abused and for how long. Post-rehab programs to help the addict maintain sobriety are highly recommended.

Types of Treatment Programs for Addiction

Drug addiction treatment programs are designed to help addicts learn to live without resorting to intoxicants to cope with everyday life. Twelve-step ‘anonymous' groups have helped hundreds of thousands of addicts come to terms with their past, live in the present, and face the future with grace and sobriety. Therapy programs such as Al-Anon for the family of the addicted person are crucial because addiction and alcoholism affect the whole family.

A rehab center may offer medications that ease the suffering of drug or alcohol withdrawal. Valium and Suboxone are among the medicines that may be administered at a confidential drug rehab facility. Most drug addiction treatment centers administer withdrawal medications for the shortest possible time, as the ultimate goal of drug rehab in Macomb is to present the patient with the tools they need to live without relying on the crutch of dangerous narcotics, excessive alcohol consumption, and other addictive substances.

In-house addiction treatment programs are generally far more effective than outpatient programs, especially for persons who are severely addicted to drugging or drinking to excess. One-on-one counseling sessions, peer group meetings, healthy eating, and art therapy are very beneficial to many who step through the doors of an inpatient rehab center. Of course, other therapies may be combined with usual treatments for a whole-person therapy that seems to work wonders.

Alcohol addiction treatment programs in Macomb come in a large variety of options. Music therapy has been established as a viable therapy for persons recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. The music therapist assess the strengths of the patient and typically encourages the same. Music therapy facilitates movement, thinking, and problem-solving. Learning to play an instrument provides healthy motivation with the pleasant reward of making music. Music therapy may also assist addicts in their everyday social interactions and interpersonal relationships, too.

Equine assisted therapy offers addicts a way to focus on the well-being of something other than themselves. Patients who spend time working with, caring for and riding horses may benefit physically and psychologically. Also known as ‘EAT' equine-assisted therapy promotes occupational growth in persons with a range of disorders, including anxiety, autism, depression, dementia, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. Working with horses can boost self-confidence and communication skills. Riding horses may contribute to better social skills, improved impulse control, and may help recovering addicts set healthy boundaries in human relationships. Physically, horseback riding and horse care can improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.

If drinking or drugging is the prime focus in your world, please know that there are better ways to live than hobbled by addiction. Contact a skilled rehab center today to learn more about compassionate drug and alcohol treatment programs in Macomb. Call Macomb Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (309) 401-3902.

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